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About us


Medical Engineering Association is a non-Governmental organization that was created with the purpose of helping in the development of society on levels such as: social, medical and academic. This association focuses especially on scientific research in various domains and subjects with the purpose of achieving breakthroughs in areas at the border line between different fields and disciplines that offer an interdisciplinary approach to the medical problems and also with the intention of creating social programs.

With regards to the social direction of our organization:  MEA organises humanitarian health and aid programs, trying to be part of the development of society in order to increase life’s quality. Through its activities, MEA wants to raise the awarness of the population concerning the main diseases that affect our lives relentlessly day by day, by informing the population about how to protect against these diseases, how to prevent them and how to treat different diseases. We also organize charity activities to offer a new chance for those persons who are in difficult situations; to offer a better environment for the people who live in inappropriate conditions.

In a world that nowadays is in a continuous development and change, science has a great impact on the life quality of humans but also in many fields of activity. While trying to solve the medical aspects, there are a lot of directives MEA wants to follow, amongst these we find: research, scientific meetings and scientific projects. As far as research projects are concerned we try to find solutions for medical problems with the help of interdisciplinary teams. The members of these teams, and not only of these teams but of the entire organizations are and can be: students, specialists such as engineers (from all kind of fields related to medicine), physicians, chemists, biologists, mathematicians, physicists, and people interested in the area of medical engineering. In order to have a high quality research activity, and scientific activity, MEA facilitates the access to the following laboratories, in collaboration with the University “Politehnica” of Timisoara:

LOPIFO (Manufacturing laboratory for implant devices, ortheses and prosthetic devices);
HTEC KELLER (NCC machines laboratory);
Manufacturing laboratory - Rapid Prototyping Fabrication;
Manufacturing laboratory - CNC Machining and EDM fabrication;
Modelling and design laboratory;
Medical imaging laboratory;
CIDUCOS (Testing laboratory);
Medical investigations laboratory;
Motion analysis laboratory.

Through scientific meetings, MEA tries to bring together all the students and all the individuals who are interested in a specific field, for instance biomechanics or medical optics, in order to create a general view. Nevertheless, MEA offers the possibility of taking part at plenty of other scientific activities: intensive lectures, workshops, internships, summer schools, exchange programs, congresses, conferences, symposiums, which comes complementary as a good way of acquiring knowledge in a specific area and as a way of opening the opportunity towards life-long learning.

In order to achieve all the purposes MEA has established, we look forward to having you part of our interdisciplinary team and partners.